Raise your hand if you have physical issues. I believe this is a problem for many adult women. Instead of changing your body, try loving yourself.

1 hour daily

Selfish people prioritize their own needs. They notice when a friend smiles, goes to yoga, or leaves the dishes to take a break. Be inspired. Give yourself an hour per day for your needs. ahh, an hour! So take half, but leave room. It’s your life.

Laugh at the bus’s breasts

Warning. I’m going to sound old. But there weren’t just breasts on the buses when I was young. Do it now, because if you are over 17 and have similar breasts, you can get silicone implants. On a bad day, it may make even the coolest of us sigh, but shouldn’t we laugh at it instead? Doing so is a direct path to more self-love.

Stop thinking either/or

Many of my clients speak of absolute self-love. “I love myself” or “I despise myself” But for most, emotions are relative. We often know self-love and hate. So self-love isn’t something you must achieve and maintain. It is a practice for you and your body. Weekday. You can’t always have access to.

Reducing Body Metrics

Uncertainty about the outcome is motivating for some, but it is demoralizing for others. The goal will be an end station that does not allow for journey enjoyment. Choose a more selfish approach for every time you spend on the scales or measuring your belly.


A life goal is far more selfish than a physical goal. So consider what you want in your life and practice choosing it. Try it for a week. It’s better to choose the path that leads to your life goals than the one that feels nice now.

What makes you happy?

Think about how it feels to be in your body rather than how it looks. What makes you feel good? Make a list of three to eight small things like walking, jumping, and dancing. Invest in yourself and see what it does.

Know your health

Let me be clear. I’m pro-health. I’m a huge fan! I value knowledge about the dangers of obesity and other lifestyle diseases. But many people with low self-esteem are in good health. So, before you think “Oh no, I’m too fat”, promise me you’ll do a reality check. Waving a belly, orange peel, or upper arms isn’t always harmful. So know your body, but fuck the ideals that say anyone over 32 with a normal weight is wrong.

Thank your body

Spend three minutes thanking your body before bed. Thank you legs, hands, breasts, ass, and stomach for carrying you, turning your food into energy, and being your brain number thaw. Amazing body!

Expert Advise

Is a personal advisor, lecturer, and author of “Live, Love, and Die.” She has extensive experience guiding clients through modern life’s challenges while balancing love, family, and career. She lives in Copenhagen with her husband and kids.

Self-esteem bolsters

What is self-love?

What it is not It’s not a happy-go-lucky environment. You can be sad, critical, and selfish. Self-love is respect for oneself. These actions promote your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Selfishness increases self-acceptance and awareness of one’s own flaws and strengths.