1. Avoid flirting and daydreaming

Of course, it’s easier to avoid a tempting colleague flirtation if you don’t have to see each other every day. You can block the person from writing to you on various media, and you can also delete him as a friend on Facebook and the like, so he doesn’t keep popping up.

Often, fantasies are better than reality, so try to make your daydreaming more realistic. Is he as amazing as you imagine, and try to find any mistakes you can.

2. Discuss with someone

If you have a trusted confidant who can “tolerate” hearing about your desires, then saying it out loud can help you regain perspective. With someone you trust who cares about you, you may be reminded of other perspectives and consequences that it would cause in your life and relationships, and whether it would truly be as amazing as you imagine it to be brought to life.

3. Energize the relationship

You can use the sparked passion to stoke your own passion. This tension can be brought into your relationship, and it may even work for a while if you fantasize about flirting with your partner. What can you do to stoke the embers at home?

How have you become dull and lazy? What did you do to be exciting and interesting before you relaxed? You miss the feeling of excitement, passion, desire, or intimacy. Examine what you can do to both turn on your husband and yourself.

4. Discover why you are now tempted.

You are tempted by someone else not because you are in a bad relationship. There are many reasons why you may be bored, lacking in self-esteem and/or challenges. Dance, laugh, play, and do it with your husband so you are reminded of all the good you have together and what an amazing man he is.

5. Embrace your feminine side

Male and female equality is a major threat to established couple relationships. Work, internship, responsibility, and structure are all shared by both sexes, posing the risk of losing the feminine essence. The masculine energy controls both sexes today, which is fine in general, but if the masculine and feminine roles between the couple disappear, it can affect passion and desire. See if you can cultivate your feminine essence and thus call on your man’s masculine essence. If you wanting to learn about some common misconceptions around relationships, which will changed your perspective of on how to fix yours, visit 7am.