Khaterah Parwani works with vulnerable children and adolescents. She got stressed two years ago and has spent countless hours practising something as simple as breathing. It taught her that she must first be balanced in order to help others.

What is health?

“They go hand in hand. Stress in 2019 taught me that lesson the hard way. For my health, I prioritize calm and balance both physically and mentally. I’ve had periods of extreme exercise and diet, but no balance or calm. I was upset. Today I don’t see my body as a holster that the world expects me to be. I’ve learned to listen to my body and respect it.”

When do you feel best?

“When I meditate on my balcony. My meditation isn’t visible to others, but it works wonders for me. When I got stressed, I spent weeks and hours a day practising relaxation. and just breathe It got me really behind. That something so simple took so long. And that time is the most valuable investment I’ve made.”

You want to change a habit.

“I’d be lying if I said I had one, because where should I begin? I need more sleep, don’t drink enough water, overthink things, and feel guilty taking time off. The list is long, but today it is mental.

Working with teenagers has taught me a lot. I can relate to their stress, unrest, and dissatisfaction. My job is a daily reminder of the wisdom of putting on the oxygen mask before helping others. If you don’t take care of yourself, your actions may go awry and cause more harm than good.”

Your best health tip

“Offset your phone occasionally. Sit for 20 minutes a day, uninterrupted. This is vital in today’s digital age where you can’t control the algorithms on your social media or the thousands of pictures and videos you get daily.

I meet far too many people who dislike solitude. It’s interesting that you fear your own company.”