What do you turn on by your partner and what do the men say … + 4 shortcuts to find your desire.

Put sex on the calendar

Endorphins and dopamine are two well-known hormones that you have probably mainly heard about in connection with intense running training. But you do not have to lace up your running shoes to get a “hormone rush”, because a round of everyday sex gives, chemically speaking, the same thing. Sex triggers endorphins, which are a kind of natural pain reliever, protactinium (satisfaction hormone), Oxycontin (hugging hormone), and dopamine (the feel-good hormone). Source: Self

Look for the desire – it will probably come

If you do not want sex, then give yourself a little foreplay. New research shows that women’s budding sex drive is more dependent on the situation and how they are affected – than on themselves. In other words: Do not always wait until you feel like having sex before you throw yourself into foreplay – you will most likely be aroused in the process.

Mm massage

The feet are an overlooked erogenous zone when it comes to desire. The feet each contain more than 7,000 sensitive nerve endings that are directly connected to your genitals. One of the areas that you can advantageously assign a little extra love to is the hole just below the ankle on the inside of the foot. Start with slow circles, then switch to small gentle presses – and feel the desire spread.

Scent and taste for more lust

If you combine a certain scent with a wonderful sexual experience, then it can go directly to the ignition center and activate your lust when you meet it again. So experiments e.g. with essential oils, scented candles, massage oils and find a scent that you both like – and which you eventually associate with the scent of wonderful eroticism. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. And tell him that when he smells that one from Boss, you’ll be in a certain mood. Also like to cultivate the pure nature, because it is perhaps in reality here, where he both tastes and smells of raw man, that you turn him on the most.


We turn on our partner’s enjoyment – and the experience of being coveted. And that applies to both women and men.

Women turn on

– That he really shows his desire and lust. To all of us. Also when we need and want the long foreplay, where he has to spend time whispering, cuddling, caressing and kissing before we are ready.
– That he shows how much he enjoys us. That he uses words and tells us how lovely we are, how good we taste, how beautiful our breasts are, how wonderful we smell. It can never be too much.
– That he’s good at dirty-sweet-talk. Sweet, cheeky words in our ear. Or by text message. Or a message on your mobile. Or whispered in passing during dinner for the party. Then we look forward to coming homeā€¦

The big turn-off: A man who dives straight down and starts with tongue and fingers on our sex may well forget all about getting a woman all the way up to call. First, the clitoris must be warmed up slowly and gently – and so must we. We must be touched, kissed and experienced to be coveted – not overcome as soon as possible. No thank you.

Men turn on

– That he can see and feel your pleasure. So let go and show your desire. Tell what you like or guide him with appreciative sighs and sounds. He will love it – especially if he has an experience that it is he who is the originator of it all.
– That you take the initiative – without directing or criticizing. A lot of men also want to be caught from time to time, to experience being coveted wildly and fervently and just be able to give in.
– That you love his limb. Where for a woman it may be a turn-off that he has too much focus on her gender, the reverse is true for a man: He can not get enough.

The big turn-off: If you need to guide him, do so gently. He needs to feel that what he is doing to you is working. So if it actually does not, move his hand or change position and show what is good instead. Criticism literally makes him want to drop lightning fast. Read more to find out when you may need therapy in your relationship to bring back the intimacy.